About us

Over years, the international dressage event in Stadl-Paura in Upper Austria was the start to a new season for national and international riders. It was used as a first trial of the work of the winter months and provided important experiences for the coming season. These are still the goals of the international dressage event of the Club “Verein zur Förderung des Pferdesports in Österreich”. There is only one important detail that changed in 2017 – the venue: LAKE ARENA in Wr. Neustadt

We won the modern and beautiful facilities belonging to the Steinbacher family as the new venue for this important dressage show. Our experienced team is working on this project with fresh energy to provide a pleasant experience for both participants and visitors. We also hope to be a platform to make new contacts between young and experienced riders.

About the CDI Lake Arena:
From old to new.
The team of the “Verein zur Förderung des Pferdesports in Österreich” has decided to move the popular Easter-CDI from Upper Austria to Lower Austria in 2017. The new venue is the beautiful Lake Arena in Wiener Neustadt, where both horses and riders are going to find excellent facilities. It is also a very interesting venue for visitors and exhibitors. We expect riders from 25 nations. We already won 15 experienced, internationally well-known judges. Thus, the event is going to provide high-class dressage shows and will also help to connect young and experienced riders across Europe.


Lake Arena Wiener Neustadt
Brunnerstraße x Fischauer Grenzweg
2700 Wiener Neustadt

young riders between 12 und 25 years and Europe´s top-class dressage riders

What we want:
to connect young and more experienced riders
To provide enjoyable shows

Our target group:
We have a broad target audience, everybody who is interested in horses is welcome. We especially hope to welcome many horse-lovers and families with children.