German victory in junior freestyle

by Monika Beudel
Franziska Nölke grabbed the victory in the Junior Freestyle. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

On the fourth day of the event, one highlight chased the next. For the first time, the young horses were presented in the square, in the young riders competition an Italian confirmed her performance and the main events of the juniors brought a surprise.

Rigamento Royal showed his great gaits under Nölken, also on the lap of honor. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

The Freestyles of this year's Easter CDI in the Lake Arena are always good for a surprise. Already on Wednesday the previous dominator in the pony class Felicita Simoncic was overtaken by Hanna Hoffer in the freestyle and also in today's junior freestyle the scenario was a similar one. Because on the two previous days only the Russian Yulia Grigeriova was in this age group – which can be assigned to the medium-heavy performance class – at the top of the field of participants. She presented herself with her De Noir daughter Kalhave's De Nora even today in top form, but remained with the achieved 74.542% just behind her counterpart Franziska Nölken. The German had already been close on her heels in the Individual and rode the top in the Freesytle. The 16-year-old had saddled her Rhenish-bred stallion Rigamento Royal. For Nölken today's victory means two reasons to celebrate. Not only did she score her best international rating in the junior class, but she also celebrated her first ever international victory. Third place went to the Italian Beatrice Arturi with Donaudistel as on the previous day. The level in this junior competition was consistently high. Twelve rider-horse pairs received scores over the 70 percent mark - an unusually high-class result. Daria Hohenwarter achieved with Lehmann the best result for the Austrian team. The duo received a placement on the 8th final rank.


Daria Hohenwarter was Eighth in the Freestyle. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

International winner potpourri in young horse competitions
The fourth day of competition in Wiener Neustadt was all about the youngsters. Three competitions were held for the four-legged hopes for the future. In the class of five-year-old horses only one duo was at the start. However, this should not diminish the performance of the rider-horse team, because the notes can be quite impressive. Born in Oldenburg, Gioello descends from Gray Flannel and was introduced by the Carinthian instructor Stephanie Dearing. Four of the five subnotes were over 8.00. The gelding was particularly convincing in the trot (8.50) and in the overall impression (8.70) and achieved a final score of 82.20 points.

Stephanie Dearing and Gioello received top marks. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

In the competition for six-year-old horses, the German team presented the best pairs. The victory went to Claudia Rassmann with 84.80 points. She had the Westphalian gelding Van Damm v. Vitalis under the saddle, which in particular showed a strong step. Second place went to Germany as well with Carla Kickum and Fürstenspiegel. The gelding also knew how to convince especially in the trot and received the grade 8,40 for this gait. The best Austrian pair, Martin Hauptmann with the Don Frederico son Don Frederico's Wolkentänzer, finished third. The gelding, bred in Austria, had his highlights in the trot and in the overall impression and was rewarded with a total of 77.30 points.

Claudia Rassmann and Van Damm were the best couple of six-year-olds. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill


Martin Hauptmann and Don Frederico's Wolkentänzer made the jump to the podium. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

For the first time, the Luxembourg national anthem was heard at an awards ceremony on Thursday. It was played in honor of the mare Tiffanys Diamond and her rider Fie Christine Skarsoe. The mare, who was at the start for the first time internationally, was rated by the three-headed judges quorum with a total of 78.99 points. The podium was completed by the German Claudia Rassmann with Fürst Donnerhall and the Austrian Stephanie Dearing with Facilone. Facilone, a son of Fürstenball had already collected top rankings internationally this year. Last weekend he reached two second places in the Magna Racino as part of the CDIYH.

Christine Skarsoe and Tiffany's Diamond were victorious in the competition for seven-year-olds. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill


Stephanie Dearing and Facilone clinched another international top ranking. Foto: © Fotoagentur Dill

Italy in front of Austria and Switzerland in the Young Rider Individual
For the second time in the context of this year's CDI, the young riders faced the competition. As on the previous day, the top score went to the Italian Valentina Remold with Broadway. The 20-year-old and her KWPN gelding already have a long list of international victories, most recently in the context of the CDIY Achleiten (AUT) or the CDIY Ornago (ITA) last year. As the only couple, they passed the 70 percent mark today and made their winning list longer. There was a change to the previous day, however, in second place. Nicola Louise Ahorner returned to her form, showed a good lap with Rhapsody and was rewarded with second place. Third place went to yesterday's second- and third-placed Swiss Carl-Lennart Korsch with Dias Desperados ST.


Valentina Remold was unbeaten ....​​​​​​​


... but Nicola Louise Ahorner was hot on her heels.​​​​​​​ Fotos: © Fotoagentur Dill


Thursday, 18.04.2019
14/0 FEI Juniors Freestyle
1 (0082) RIGAMENTO ROYAL - NÖLKEN Franziska (GER) 74,792%
2 (0119) KALHAVE'S DE NORA - GRIGORIEVA Yulia (RUS) 74,542%
3 (0095) DONAUDISTEL - ARTURI Beatrice (ITA) 73,500%
4 (0134) DELPHINO - ZINDEL Noemi (SUI) 73,125%
5 (0123) SOLID GOLD - LYBAN Elizaveta (RUS) 73,000%
6 (0070) BELLE ENNIE - VAVRIKOVA Eva (CZE) 72,625%
7 (0136) TAGO - PERSSON Ida (SWE) 72,292%
8 (0027) LEHMANN 15 - HOHENWARTER Daria (AUT) 70,459%
9 (0031) COCO PROCOL HARUM - JÖBSTL Paul (AUT) 70,209%
10 (0013) LARIFARI 2 - ERBSTEIN Elena (AUT) 70,209%
11 (0135) BELISKO - JENEMARK Nina (SWE) 70,209%
12 (0033) DAY BY DAY 9 - KÖFLER Anna Mercedes (AUT) 70,042%
13 (0110) EASY DEASY - VOLPINI Alessia (ITA) 69,767%
14 (0118) SACURA - DUBROVINA Ekaterina (RUS) 67,250%
15 (0089) SCHUFRO ARMANI - AMBACH Fanni (HUN) 67,250%
16 (0132) CAPPUCINO XIV - STADLER Renée (SUI) 66,709%
17 (0090) FERRARI 6 - HOFFER Hanna (HUN) 66,250%
18 (0040) SANIBEL - OCHSENHOFER Oskar (AUT) 65,959%

11/0 FEI Preliminary 5yo
1 (0012) GIOELLO - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 82,80

12/0 FEI Preliminary 6yo
1 (0084) VAN DAMM - RASSMANN Claudia (GER) 84,80
2 (0076) FUERSTENSPIEGEL - KICKUM Carla (GER) 79,60
4 (0074) SANSIBAR - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 76,80
5 (0023) COLOURFUL LIFE - HARTUNG Amanda (AUT) 74,00

13/0 FEI Preliminary 7yo
1 (0114) TIFFANYS DIAMOND - SKARSOE Fie Christine (LUX) 78,99
2 (0083) FUERST DONNERHALL 3 - RASSMANN Claudia (GER) 78,52
3 (0011) FACILONE - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 78,31
4 (0065) HAPPINESS RETURNS C - ZIMMERMANN Florian E. (AUT) 69,87
5 (0073) DWAYN - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 69,40

10/0 FEI Young Riders Individual
1 (0107) BROADWAY - REMOLD Valentina (ITA) 70,500%
2 (0005) RHAPSODIE 204 - AHORNER Nicola Louise (AUT) 69,706%
3 (0129) DIAS DESPERADOS ST - KORSCH Carl-Lennart (SUI) 69,618%
4 (0085) ROLF RUBIN - SCHNEEBERGER Anna (GER) 69,441%
5 (0004) DIAMANTENBÖRSE OLD - AHORNER Nicola Louise (AUT) 68,588%
5 (0108) DOUBLE COOL DARIUS MJ - REMOLD Valentina (ITA) 68,588%
7 (0020) DANCING DIAMOND - GRABENWÖGER Helene (AUT) 67,618%
8 (0121) ERANTOS - LYBAN Elizaveta (RUS) 66,824%


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