Fulminant decisions on Friday

by Monika Beudel
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Stephanie Dearing and Auheim's Del Magico FRH cracked the 70 percent mark

To kick off the fifth day of the tournament, the well-rehearsed duo Stephanie Dearing and her ingenious gray gelding Auheim's Del Magico FRH danced to 70.118 percent. The winning team, whose Vice World Champion title will probably always be remembered at the Young Horse World Championships, scored points in the Intermediaire A and shone with a successful performance, as did the five-person, international jury around chief judge Irina Maknami, Maja Stukelj, Magnus Ringmark, Elke Ebert and Alice Schwab confirmed with over 70 percent.

Stephanie Dearing .... - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

.. in the Inter A  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Worthy winner in the Youngster Tour Finalis
A fixed component of the international competition are the youngster tours for five-, six- and seven-year-old young horses. The stars of tomorrow showed attractive performances in the square and thus worthy winners were awarded.
Among the five-year-old Gioello, an Oldenburger after Gray Flanell and Laureus shone. He was perfectly presented by Stephanie Dearing, who is rightly considered one of the best trainers in Austria. The bottom line, the two had earned 80.40 percent.
Their first success was repeated by Claudia Rassmann and Westphalian gelding Van Damm v. Vitalis. They were the day before as the winning pair from the place and classified themselves with 81.20 points on top, where especially the expansive, very tact-safe step and the uphill canter is emphasized. In second place were Martin Hauptmann and Don Frederico's Wolkentänzer, a domestic breeding product bred by Karin & Thomas Schalk, owned by Manuel Segel. They have improved again from the day before and received the highest mark in the trot. They bribed with 79.00 percent. The podium was completed by Amanda Hartung, who received 76.60 percent with Christ's offspring Colorful Life.
At the end of the three youngster tours was still the decision of the seven-year-old. Stephanie Dearing saddled the best offspring here. He is a chic Hanoverian after Fürstenball De Niro and hears the sounding name Facilone. Behind the victorious 77.87 points, Claudia Rassmann finished third with Fürth Donnerhall 3 (76.12 points) and Ferdinand Csaki on Dwayn (73.83 points).

One more victory for ... - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

... Stephanie Dearing - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Claudia Rassmann ranked on... - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

.. on Top - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Martin Hauptmann  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Amanda Hartung - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Stephanie Dearing and Facilone - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Prize Giving: Stephanie Dearing and Facilone - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Inter-II-Victory for Diana Porsche
The U25 riders had their opening competition with the scheduled on Friday afternoon Intermediaire II. The best of 70,794 percentage points set a sovereign Diana Porsche. Together with her Di Sandro OLD, she led the final classification ahead of two other Austrians. The red-white-red phalanx was continued by the team Happy Horse rider Katharina Haas, who brought the reliable mare Let it Be 11 for the first time after several minor tour successes on the international stage in the U25 Tour. 68.853 percent was the success story on their CDIU25 debut. The 68-percent mark had also topped Oliver Valenta and Valenta's Fantast and took the third place with 68.412 percentage points.

Diana Porsche placed...  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

... on Top - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Kathi Haas - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Oliver Valenta  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Final victory for Carl-Lennart Korsch
The crowning finale of a tense tournament day was the Musikkür der Jungen Reiter. To the melodic sounds of well-known hits, popular classics and modern rhythms, the young riders qualified for the grand finale presented their self-assembled choreography. The decision was under the headline "the last will be the first". The Swiss Carl-Lennart Korsch entered the square as the final rider with his slide Desparados ST and earned the highest score of 71.370 percentage points after a great test. Previously, they were able to secure two third places in the framework competitions. Valentina Remold ranked second with Broadway. She introduced Broadway and received 69.615 percentage points. As the best Austrian, Helene Grabenwöger triumphed with Dancing Diamond. With the final score of 68.485 percent, she finished third. On top of that, there were also red-white-red placings for Nicola Luise Ahorner on Rhapsody 204 (5th place), Chiara Pengg on Alassio's Boy (8th place), Clemens Werner on Don Carino 5 (10th place), Jessica Schreder Fantasy World 2 (12th place) and Florian Artner on Fast Seat Belt (13th place).

Carl-Lennart Korsch won the ...  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

.. Young Riders´ Freestyle - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Valentina Remold on second place - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Helene Grabenwöger   - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Nicola Louise Ahorner - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Freitag, 19.04.2019
15/0 FEI Intermediate A
1 (0010) AUHEIM'S DEL MAGICO FRH - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 70,118%

19/0 FEI Intermediate II (U25)
1 (0044) DI SANDRO OLD - PORSCHE Diana (AUT) 70,794%
2 (0022) LET IT BE 11 - HAAS Katharina (AUT) 68,853%
3 (0061) VALENTA'S FANTAST - VALENTA Oliver (AUT) 68,412%
4 (0099) LE CONTENDRO - JOSI Margherita (ITA) 63,794%

16/0 FEI Final 5yo
1 (0012) GIOELLO - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 80,40
17/0 FEI Final 6yo
1 (0084) VAN DAMM - RASSMANN Claudia (GER) 81,20
3 (0023) COLOURFUL LIFE - HARTUNG Amanda (AUT) 77,40
4 (0074) SANSIBAR - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 76,60
5 (0076) FUERSTENSPIEGEL - KICKUM Carla (GER) 74,80

18/0 FEI Final 7yo
1 (0011) FACILONE - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 77,87
2 (0083) FUERST DONNERHALL 3 - RASSMANN Claudia (GER) 76,12
3 (0073) DWAYN - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 73,83
4 (0114) TIFFANYS DIAMOND - SKARSOE Fie Christine (LUX) 72,12
5 (0065) HAPPINESS RETURNS C - ZIMMERMANN Florian E. (AUT) 70,95
20/0 FEI Young Rider Freestyle
1 (0129) DIAS DESPERADOS ST - KORSCH Carl-Lennart (SUI) 71,370%
2 (0107) BROADWAY - REMOLD Valentina (ITA) 69,615%
3 (0020) DANCING DIAMOND - GRABENWÖGER Helene (AUT) 68,485%
4 (0121) ERANTOS - LYBAN Elizaveta (RUS) 68,325%
5 (0005) RHAPSODIE 204 - AHORNER Nicola Louise (AUT) 68,210%
6 (0094) WILLOW - ANGELICO Kiliane (ITA) 67,500%
7 (0085) ROLF RUBIN - SCHNEEBERGER Anna (GER) 67,270%
8 (0041) ALASSIO'S BOY - PENGG Chiara (AUT) 66,975%
9 (0097) EDIPO EL BAYO - COPERCHIO Ginevra (ITA) 66,460%
10 (0062) DON CARINO 5 - WERNER Clemens (AUT) 66,325%
11 (0086) SIMPLE CHOICE - SCHÖNHOFEN Victoria Marie (GER) 66,150%
12 (0050) FANTASY WORLD 2 - SCHREDER Jessica (AUT) 65,575%
13 (0007) FASTEN SEAT BELT - ARTNER Florian (AUT) 64,900%


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