Three red-white-red victories on Saturday

by Monika Beudel

Grandioser Start in den Samstag: Jacqueline Toniutti und Stradivari holten Heimsieg im Prix St. Georg...

Grandiose start into the Saturday:
Jacqueline Toniutti and Stradivari took home victory in the Prix St. Georg

The start on Saturday, the middle of the sixth day of the CDI4 * Lake Arena, could not have gone any better: Jacqueline Tonitutti and Stradivari gave the home crowd a home win in red-white-red! The eight-year-old descendant from Stockholm, who last year competed at the Young Horse World Championships in Ermelo, scored in the today's Prix St. Georg in a spirited, expressive and sure-footed manner with 70,882 percentage points at the top. The other places on the podium presented themselves mixed: The German Amazon Linda Knoll secured with FBW Fairplay H the second best result of 68.529 percent and Norma Paoli from Italy landed in the saddle of Lisara 2 with 68.176 percent on the final rank. On top of that, there were red-white-red placings for Yvonne Schrattenecker on Rolex 6 (5th place) and Tatjana Svehla with Valdez (8th place).

Jacqueline Toniutti - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Jacqueline Toniutti - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Florian Bacher excelled in the Grand Prix, the prize of the company Kargl
The victory in the Saturday Grand Prix, the qualifying competition for the Grand Prix Special, shone in red-white-red: Florian Bacher saddled his Fidertanz offspring Fidertraum at the end of the exam, delivered a remarkable performance and was rewarded with the highest score of 69.283 percentage points , Tatiana Miloserdova triumphed behind in second place. The Italinierin presented Florento Fortuna and had received 67.870 percentage points from the quorum of five judges around Mariette Sanders-van Gansewinkel, Peter Holler, Maria Colliander, Magnus Ringmark and Elke Ebert. Ulrike Prunthaller also placed on the podium. The Upper Austrian brought her proven Bartlgut's Duccio to the start, a breeding product of Herbert Stanek, who after a successful season in 2018 again secured the title "Best dressage horse bred in Austria". Franziska Fries ranked sixth with her Atomic.
Prize Giving - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Florian Bacher - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Diana Porsche repeated U25 Tour victory
No surprise was the FEI Grand Prix 16-25, where the previous day's winner Diana Porsche had struck again. Together with Di Sandra OLD she cracked the 70 percent mark and beamed at the top. Team Happy Horse rider Katharina Haas gave a nice performance with Let it Be 11 and came second. Third was Oliver Valenta, who earned a lot of applause with Valenta's Fantast.
Diana Porsche  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Kathi Haas  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Oliver Valenta  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Tomorrow, the program promises again with the Intermediare B, the Intermediare I, the Grand Prix Tour B qualifying for the Grand Prix Freestyle and the Grand Prix Musikkür (U25) a packed load of first class dressage sport. Passing by is worth it, the entrance is free!

Samstag, 20.04.2019

21/0 FEI Prix St.Georges
1 (0059) STRADIVARI - TONIUTTI Jacqueline (AUT) 70,882%
2 (0077) FBW FAIRPLAY H - KNOLL Linda (GER) 68,529%
3 (0106) LISARA 2 - PAOLI Norma (ITA) 68,176%
4 (0092) RONALDINHO 12 - ZENGO Réka (HUN) 67,882%
5 (0049) ROLEX 4 - SCHRATTENECKER Yvonne (AUT) 67,029%
6 (0078) HARMONY - MICHALKE Victoria (GER) 66,500%
7 (0001) DU CIEL 2 - BERESFORD Hayley (AUS) 66,294%
8 (0056) VALDEZ 17 - SVEHLA Tatjana (AUT) 65,471%

22/0 FEI Grand Prix - Tour A
Qualification for Grand Prix Special
1 (0008) FIDERTRAUM - BACHER Florian (AUT) 69,283%
2 (0101) FLORENTO FORTUNA - MILOSERDOVA Tatiana (ITA) 67,870%
3 (0046) BARTLGUT'S DUCCIO - PRUNTHALLER Ulrike (AUT) 67,652%
4 (0117) AWAKENING - DAVYDOVA Evgenija (RUS) 67,500%
5 (0088) ZAP ZAP - TRISCHBERGER Franz (GER) 67,217%
6 (0016) ATOMIC - FRIES Franziska (AUT) 65,935%
7 (0096) DIAMANT - BRENNA Roberto (ITA) 65,696%
8 (0126) RHYTHM AND BLUES - KALAN Polona (SLO) 65,674%
23/0 FEI Grand Prix 16-25
1 (0044) DI SANDRO OLD - PORSCHE Diana (AUT) 70,256%
2 (0022) LET IT BE 11 - HAAS Katharina (AUT) 67,590%
3 (0061) VALENTA'S FANTAST - VALENTA Oliver (AUT) 67,410%
4 (0099) LE CONTENDRO - JOSI Margherita (ITA) 60,897%