Wonderful Competitions on Easter Sunday

by Monika Beudel

The grand finale of the traditional Easter CDI, which celebrates its 19th edition this year, is making huge strides. But before coming to the final competitions tomorrow, Easter Monday, there were four international competitions today: the Intermediaire B, the Intermediaire I, the Grand Prix Tour B as a qualifier for the Musikkür and the U25 Freestyle. There were marvelous performances in the square to admire and so in the end worthy winners were awarded.

69.225 percent for Stephanie Dearing and Auheim's Del Magico in Inter B
Stephanie Dearing and Auheim's Del Magico also showed a successful performance in the Inter A after their successful start at the Inter A, which was rewarded with over 69 percentage points. The well-rehearsed duo, which won the silver medal at the Young Horse World Championships, has made its way in recent years and is now impressing in the middle tour at the highest level.

Stephanie Dearing and Auheim´s Del Magico FRH   ... - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

... won the Inter B - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

German triumph in the small tour
Victoria Michalke and Harmony scored 68.235% in Intermediaire I. They had left behind the Italian Norma Paoli, who secured the second best result of exactly 68 percentage points with Lisara 2. The opening winner Jacqueline Toniutti was again pleased with a top result: her junior scraper Stradivari, who this weekend gave his small-tour premiere on the international stage, landed after a nice performance in third place and thus mastered the leap to the podium , Tatjana Svehla also placed in the international starter field on Valdez 17 (5th place), Yvonne Schrattenecker with Rolex 4 (7th place) and Diana Porsche on Chrevi's Ravello (8th place).

Viktoria Michalke  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

 - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Norma Paoli - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Best Austrian rider: Jacqueline Toniutti - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Tatjana Svehla  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Grand Prix victory for Ulrike Prunthaller and Bartlgut's Quebec
After the Grand Prix of the A-Tour was decided on Saturday, it came to the decision today in the Grand Prix of Tour B on Easter Sunday today, which was announced as a qualification for tomorrow's freestyle.
The headline was "The last will be the first" in the end. The Upper Austrian had worked together with her Bartlgut's Quebec for a crowning exam and beamed earned with over 71 percentage points at the top. After their podium finish at the four-star CDI in Lier, Belgium, this year's next international success was in the still young 2019 season. The judges quorum had scored 71,804 percent. In second place was the Russian Elena Sidneva. She introduced the Viennese Neustädter audience Fuhur 6, a ten-year-old gelding to Fürstenreich, with whom she got 71.717 percent. Behind them on the podium was the Tyrolean Amanda Hartung with her lacquer black dress code Black. They had also recommended themselves for tomorrow's Musikkür with over 69 percent. Also on the way was the Lower Austrian Karoline Valenta, who secured fourth place with her beautiful Valenta's Diego. The duo, which had already represented the Austrian colors several times at major events and championships, unfortunately had to accept deductions during the series change and the bottom line was 68.870 percent.

Ulrike Prunthaller - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Bartlgut´s Quebec - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Amanda Hartung - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Karo Valenta - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Triple for Diana Porsche in the U25 Tour
The favorites pair had struck again in the U25 tour: Diana Porsche and Di Sandro OLD delighted in the final free-sc with 72.970 percent at the top. The placings on the podium had turned: The twice ranked third Oliver Valenta made a rank well and trumped with Valenta's Fantast in second place. The two distinguished themselves with 69,700 percentage points. Katharina Haas and Let it Be 11 finished third with almost 69 percent.

Three starts and three victories - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Diana Porsche and Di Sandro OLD - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Oliver Valenta  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Kathi Haas - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Ergebnisse 21.04.2019

27/0 FEI Intermediate B
1 (0010) AUHEIM'S DEL MAGICO FRH - DEARING Stephanie (AUT) 69,225%

24/0 FEI Intermediate I
1 (0078) HARMONY - MICHALKE Victoria (GER) 68,235%
2 (0106) LISARA 2 - PAOLI Norma (ITA) 68,000%
3 (0059) STRADIVARI - TONIUTTI Jacqueline (AUT) 67,618%
4 (0077) FBW FAIRPLAY H - KNOLL Linda (GER) 66,882%
5 (0056) VALDEZ 17 - SVEHLA Tatjana (AUT) 66,588%
6 (0092) RONALDINHO 12 - ZENGO Réka (HUN) 65,500%
7 (0049) ROLEX 4 - SCHRATTENECKER Yvonne (AUT) 65,412%
8 (0043) CHREVI'S RAVELLO - PORSCHE Diana (AUT) 64,941%
9 (0001) DU CIEL 2 - BERESFORD Hayley (AUS) 64,706%

25/0 FEI Grand Prix - Tour B
Qualification for Grand Prix Freestyle
1 (0048) BARTLGUT'S QUEBEC - PRUNTHALLER Ulrike (AUT) 71,804%
2 (0124) FUHUR 6 - SIDNEVA Elena (RUS) 71,717%
3 (0024) DRESSCODE BLACK - HARTUNG Amanda (AUT) 69,370%
4 (0060) VALENTA'S DIEGO - VALENTA Karoline (AUT) 68,870%
5 (0075) STEVIE WONDER M - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 67,913%
6 (0079) NOVIA 6 - MICHALKE Victoria (GER) 67,891%
7 (0111) HURACAN 10 - KITAHARA Hiroyuki (JPN) 66,804%
8 (0113) SO DARK - SKARSOE Fie Christine (LUX) 66,761%
26/0 FEI Grand Prix Freestyle (U25)
1 (0044) DI SANDRO OLD - PORSCHE Diana (AUT) 72,970%
2 (0061) VALENTA'S FANTAST - VALENTA Oliver (AUT) 69,700%
3 (0022) LET IT BE 11 - HAAS Katharina (AUT) 68,725%
4 (0099) LE CONTENDRO - JOSI Margherita (ITA) 63,950%