Great Final at the CDI4* Lake Arena 2019

by Monika Beudel
The big center of the international dressage sport was the Lake Arena in Wiener Neustadt in the Easter week. For the first time, the tradition-steeped four-star tournament was held, welcoming participants from 15 nations from 15 to 22 April. Not only regulars from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg or Hungary were at the start, but also exotics from Singapore, Japan or Australia.
The eight-day call for proposals was attended by 29 international competitions. The big highlights of the CDI4 * event, worth 19,000 Euro, took place on Easter Monday: in addition to the Grand Prix Special, the audience was able to look forward to the freestyle.

Red-white-red double victory in the Grand Prix Special
The Grand Prix Special heralded the eighth and final day of the event. A total of 14 starter pairs have submitted their nomination and offered beautiful dressage sport. To the delight of the local supporters celebrated the host country Austria an acclaimed double victory: Florian Bacher before Ulrike Prunthaller was the sounding headline. Florian Bacher saddled the Fidertanz progeny Fidertraum, with whom he could already decide the qualifying competition. After a successful performance, the duo danced with 70.745 percentage points to the top of the international field of participants. They were followed by Ulrike Prunthaller. The Upper Austrian introduced Bartlgut's Duccio, coming from Herbert Stanek's successful breed. The Dimaggio son scored with a harmonious performance, which had seen the five-headed, international squad of judges around chief judge Alice Schwab, Maria Colliander, Mariette Sanders -van Gansewinkel, Magnus Ringmark Magnus and Maja Stukelj with exactly 70 percentage points. The podium was completed by Franz Trischberger, who received in the saddle of his Zap Zap, a descendant of the Blue Hors Zack, 69.043 percentage points. Pia Gabriel and Jacqueline Toniutti also scored points, both of which were rated exactly 65.596 percent and shared the seventh final ranking. Pia Gabriel presented her jazz son Junimond and her compatriot Jacqueline Toniutti presented the ÖWB mare Sandrose v. Diamond in front.

 Florian Bacher  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill
 Florian Bacher and Fidertanz - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Ulli Prunthaller and Bartlgut´s Duccio - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Franz Trischberger - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Double in the Freestyle Tour!
74,700 percentage points brought Ulli and Bartlgut's Quebec the next triumph

The crowning weekend highlight was traditionally the music dar. Lessons on the highest level and excellent performances were shown and accompanied with rhythmic sounds, modern beats and melodic classics - the creativity was no limit. In addition to the Swedish Chief Judge Magnus Ringmark, Mariette Sanders-van Gansewinkel from the Netherlands, the Finns Maria Colliander, Alice Schwab from Austria and Peter Holler from Germany also served as expert jury.
Varied diversity of nations also distinguished themselves in the starter list, which was equipped with twelve pairs of horse riders: the nominations for the final music match had been received from eight different countries. All the more delighted the pleasing final result: Austria recorded the next home win! The penultimate starter, Grand Prix winner Ulrike Prunthaller, set the course with her Bartlgut's Quebec and presented her time-tested and technically demanding "I like Chopin" -Kür, which started with an impressive gallop tour and a brilliant trot tour scored powerful on the highest difficulty. The well-rehearsed duo, currently ranked as the best red-white-red duo at 78th place in the world rankings, was rewarded with 74.700 percentage points and in their honor, the Austrian national anthem was re-enacted at the end of the exam.
In second place was the German Amazon Victoria Michalke, who got with Novia 6 after a nice round 73,675 percentage points. In addition, the Russian rider Elena Sidneva also mastered the podium with her only ten-year-old Fuhur 6, who received 73,675 percent as the final pair.
With more than 71 percentage points, Amanda Hartung and Dresscode Black took the excellent fifth place. Red-white-red placings were also rewarded by Karoline Valenta on Valenta's Diego (8th place) and Gabriela Stumpf with Finally Love (11th place).

Ulrike Prunthaller - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Ulli Prunthaller and Bartlgut´s Quebec - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Victoria Michalke  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Elena Sidneva - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Amanda Hartung - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Karo Valenta  - Foto: Fotoagentur-Dill

Ergebnisse 22.04.2019

28/0 FEI Grand Prix Special
1 (0008) FIDERTRAUM - BACHER Florian (AUT) 70,745%
2 (0046) BARTLGUT'S DUCCIO - PRUNTHALLER Ulrike (AUT) 70,000%
3 (0088) ZAP ZAP - TRISCHBERGER Franz (GER) 69,043%
4 (0101) FLORENTO FORTUNA - MILOSERDOVA Tatiana (ITA) 68,319%
5 (0117) AWAKENING - DAVYDOVA Evgenija (RUS) 68,064%
6 (0126) RHYTHM AND BLUES - KALAN Polona (SLO) 66,404%
7 (0017) JUNIMOND - GABRIEL Pia (AUT) 65,596%
7 (0058) SANDROSE - TONIUTTI Jacqueline (AUT) 65,596%

29/0 FEI Grand Prix Freestyle
1 (0048) BARTLGUT'S QUEBEC - PRUNTHALLER Ulrike (AUT) 74,700%
2 (0079) NOVIA 6 - MICHALKE Victoria (GER) 73,675%
3 (0124) FUHUR 6 - SIDNEVA Elena (RUS) 73,675%
4 (0111) HURACAN 10 - KITAHARA Hiroyuki (JPN) 71,460%
5 (0024) DRESSCODE BLACK - HARTUNG Amanda (AUT) 71,280%
6 (0075) STEVIE WONDER M - CSAKI Ferdinand (GER) 69,935%
7 (0113) SO DARK - SKARSOE Fie Christine (LUX) 69,840%
8 (0060) VALENTA'S DIEGO - VALENTA Karoline (AUT) 69,635%
9 (0125) TRIBIANI - CHEW Caroline (SGP) 68,345%
10 (0002) REBANA W - BERESFORD Hayley (AUS) 67,450%
11 (0137) FINALLY LOVE - STUMPF Gabriela (AUT) 65,055%
12 (0138) ZULU - AHMAN RICCI Michaela (SWE) 61,115%